Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day

Sophie and Lola both had BIG days.

This was Sophie's first day of 1st grade.....

....and Lola's first day at Ms. Mary's.
Sophie wanted to wear her favorite High School Musical Dress but it was kind of cold so we had to add a sweater and turned out pretty cute!

Lola wanted me to take a picture of her while she pretended to sleep....I don't know why.

Waiting in line to go in for her first day. She is facing backwards here but she was of course the first one in line!

Following in Miss Monserud to her classroom.

Sophie getting off of the bus for the first time. Brian and I were both nervous wrecks until we saw her climb out. We take her to school but she rides the bus home. What a great first day!!!

(Yeah, she already lost her sweater.)

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