Monday, March 23, 2009

Sophie's Birthday Weekend

We had a fun weekend for Sophie's Birthday. I took the girls to the mall to let them spend some of their birthday money. There was a Kraft Mac and Cheese/Burger King/Crayola sponsored event happening in the center court of the mall. First the girls got to do a Mac and Cheese Race. They had to pick up the HUGE macaronis and put them in the BK container.

Then they got to make some macaroni art.

They also got to hug a Cheezy Dino.

Sophie and Lola went to see the Easter Bunny. Mommy snapped this picture of Sophie before the lady told me I wasn't allowed to take my own pictures.

The girls and I of course made a cake for Sophie's birthday. Sophie wanted Tom and Jerry and a big number 7 on her cake this year.



Sophie loved her cake!

She wanted to take a picture of Mommy holding her cake.

My big girl is 7!

Too many pics of Sophie...Lola wants her picture taken too!

Daddy lighting the candles.

Sophie blowing out her 7 candles.

Brian couldn't wait to eat Jerry.

Lola wanted the 7, Sophie wanted the S and Mommy likes the corner pieces.

My pretty cake didn't stay pretty for long.

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