Thursday, October 29, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences & Report Cards

I am please to report that both girls got outstanding praise during their parent/teacher conferences.

Sophie's grade has student-led conferences. She wasn't nervous a bit..she walked right in and took charge...even letting us know what she needed to improve on. She tested out of 2nd grade math at the beginning of the year so she got to skip it and go right on to 3rd grade math. There is about 83 students in the 2nd grade and only 18 of them tested out, then they had to have recommendations from their 1st grade teachers as to whether or not they could handle it. Third grade math for second graders is the first Gifted/Talented class you are eligible for at HSE so we are really proud of her for starting off on the right track. As of this grading period she had an A in math as well as all of her other subjects. 5 A's total. This is the first year they actually give letter grades so she was excited. She is also currently reading at level N. They currently expect 2nd graders at this time of year to aim for level L so she is a wonderful reader as well.

It was apparent when we first walked in that Lola's teacher just adores her. She couldn't say enough sweet things about her. She doesn't get letter grades in Kindergarten but she is right on track for everything. She knows all of her capital letters and most of her lower case. (b, d, q, are the troublesome ones) She knows many of her sight words that they are learning this year. She also knows all of her colors, shapes, and numbers. Despite having missed 10 days of school so far with all of her illnesses she is keeping up and learning a lot. We are super proud of her too.

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