Friday, December 18, 2009

The Great Present Race

I was in charge of Lola's Class Holiday Party. The game I decided to do was an unwrapping relay race. The kids were divided into teams and raced across the gym. They had to unwrap a present, pull out the beaded necklace that was inside and wear it, then throw away the paper and race back to their teammate and tag them.
They had a blast...unfortunately I didn't get very many good pics of the race due to the chaos. The rest of the pics are from the rest of the party, which also happened to be the girls last day at Durbin. Lola was very sad to leave her best friend Ellie.

Lola and her BFF Ellie

Ellie Lola and Avidon (he was in love with Lola)

Lola and Miss Pinkus

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