Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Party at Daymar Collage

Cindy invited us the the Halloween Party at Daymar College, where she works.  The girls had a blast.  Lola even won a cake at the cake walk.  In case you can't tell, Lola is a bat ballerina and Sophie is dead Shirley Temple.  She came up with that all on her own.  She thought Shirley Temple would be a good fit but that just wasn't scary enough for Halloween so she added the dead part.  She is so funny.  

Cindy saw a version of this game online and asked me to help her make it.  You have to stick the organs on the Zombie.  I painted the large Zombie outline and she printed some organs out.  We stuck the organs to some felt, added some velcro and we had our game.

I made Lola's bat mask out of some pink fleece I had leftover from another project.  She loved it.

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