Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holiday 2011

Shane got Mer-Ken as his Dirty Santa Gift!  HAHAHAHA
Lola was torn between the Ken doll and a super sparkly water  bottle.  She made a good choice because Shane ended up giving her the Ken when it was all said and done.  Well played Lola, well played.

Chas selecting his gift....what's it going to be???


Shane got a consolation prize of socks too.

Sam and Sophie traded and both were happy.  Sam got a doggie printed fleece blanket and Soph got 2 pairs of fuzzy slipper socks.


Soph got several xBox games.  
(Good for Mommy - I was getting bored with the ones we already had!)

Lola opening her gifts.

Oh my! She got the Red Ryder BB Gun she hoped for!

Never in a million years would I think that I would let my child have a gun...let alone my 7 year old daughter!

at Nana & Poppy's house for more presents

Sophie got lots of cute clothes!

Lola wanted a BOY baby doll.  Not as easy to find as you would expect.  She ended up with 3 baby dolls all together...2 of which were boys.

Our bookworm and her new Kindle.

Sophie got Poppy to put on her new Panda hat from Justice.

Lola couldn't wait to go outside and try out her new gun.  GOOD NEWS - She DIDN'T shoot her eye out!

Lola got a Zombie Lab.  Its a disgusting looking laboratory where you can make edible items such as brains, bugs, snot and barf.  YUMMY!

Tonight we made the brains and some bugs.  They were kinda neat looking but not yummy by any means.

I got a super cute Owl Clock from Tommye.  I love it. It has a pendulum....very neat.

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