Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visit from the Buenings

My friend Stephanie and her two little ones Jake and Ally got to spend the whole day with us on Saturday while Scott was at a football clinic. After he was finished we all went out to eat at Carino's. We had a wonderful time and promised we would do it more often.

Lola and Ally practicing their cheers! Those girls sure do have some great moves.

Jake was really tired but he was even more hard-headed and fought taking a nap all day long. For a little guy with no nap he was very good. He will be one in just a few weeks.

They had a good time playing dress up.

Even more wonderful news! Scott and Steph will be moving closer to us. Scott just got hired as Varsity Football coach and English teacher for Jennings County High School in North Vernon. Go Panthers!

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