Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sophie for President

Durbin had dress like your favorite President Day to celebrate President's Day as well as Abe Lincoln's 200th Birthday. Sophie originally wanted to be Barack Obama, thankfully Mommy talked her out of that (I can make costumes but come on!) and we decided on Abe Lincoln. Sophie was so excited to dress up!

This is Sophie and her teacher Miss Monserud.

We were able to find the jacket, shirt and pants at Goodwill. The pants were a little short but I told her that was okay because Abe was really tall too.

The hat was made from a cowboy hat she had for Halloween. I cut the brim down to about an inch all the way around then we fashioned the stovepipe out of FedEx envelopes and then covered the whole thing in black fabric. Her necktie is just a hair ribbon.

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