Sunday, August 31, 2008

Grandkid's Fish Fry

Maw and Paw decided to have a fish fry for all their grandkids.

Chris, Brice and Brian hanging out.

Kirby is the only dog I have ever seen that sits flat on his butt. Notice his legs are out in front of him. He can do this for hours.

This is the only party where we have received the honor of sitting at the adult table.

Maggie and the Kirbster

Avery, Makaylee and Lola playing with cars and blocks.

Avery, Makaylee and Lola

Brian, Cara, Brice and Mark

Destiny and Sophirella

Jenner, Brice and Cascie



Aunt Kathy and Jenner

Lola wanted a picture of her, Maw and Sophie so that when we left, Maw would have something to remember her by. (We visit once every 1 to 2 months but that is a really long time to a little person according to Lola.)

Sophie and her cousin Destiny.

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